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Custom Digitizing

We have a great team of highly experience, qualified and committed digitizers with more than 25 years of digitizing experience individually and with embroidery machine experience.

We offer embroidery digitizing / punching services for customers who expect the best quality and excellent turnaround time.

Step 1. You Upload Your Image

To begin- It is simple. Takes 3 mins. Fill in your most basic digitizing information for a Quote or Order request and instructions. Upload your artwork.
Then click on Submit.

Step 2 : We Digitize

Our Custom Digitizing Department can digitize your image and have it sent back to you within 24 hours or earlier.

Step 3 : You Download

The system will notify you when your design is ready. You may view before the actual download and start your embroidery on the same day.

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Instant real-time download

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Payment integration – Instant Real-time download

Multiple machine formats

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Free resizing ( up to 20% )

  Unlimited free revisions/edits

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Digitizing Pricing

Express + / 24hrs

$ 25.00

SIZE : 2"
1″ to 2″:$25.00
2.1″ to 4″:$35.00
4.1″to 7″:$45.00
7.1″to 10″:-
10.1″to 12″:-

Express / 48hrs

$ 20.00

SIZE : 2"
1″ to 2″:$20.00
2.1″ to 4″:$30.00
4.1″to 7″:$40.00
7.1″ to 10″:$89.00
10″ to 12″:$99.00

Economy / 72hrsMost Popular

$ 15.00

SIZE : 2"
1″ to 2″:$15.00
2.1″ to 4″:$25.00
4.1″to 7″:$35.00
7.1″ to 10″:$79.00
10″ to 12″:$89.00

Standard / 5-7 days

$ 10.00

SIZE : 2"
1″ to 2″:$10.00
2.1″ to 4″:$20.00
4.1″to 7″:$30.00
7.1″ to 10″:$69.00
10″ to 12″:$89.00
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* Sample pricing is approximate. Actual pricing may vary.
* Pricing above for 1 color design only. Additional charges for more than 2 colors designs.
* Min. charge of $10.00.
* Please submit a quote request for larger designs.
* Jacket back designs (1-4 colors) approx. $75
* Turnaround time is in business days, not including public holidays.
* We cannot guarantee the service of our turnaround time that falls outside our control. If you need us to work faster, then please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to meet your timescales.
* All turnaround times quoted are typical turnaround times, and cannot be guaranteed. Turnaround can vary depending on quantities, design specifications, design requirements, and any other circumstances which may be beyond our control.  We will always do our best to ensure your designs gets to you in the quickest time possible.